Located in Williamsburg, Chive Blossom is a purveyor of fine Asian dining from the esteemed Chef Yang Huang.

Photos by Aaron Lee


Born in Canton, China, Yang Xing Huang, known as Chef Yang, grew up in an impoverished family. At the age of twelve (12), Yang migrated to the United States with his family in order to pursue the American Dream, finding residence in Park Slope, Brooklyn.


In the midst of his teenage years, Yang would frequent trips to a local restaurant after school and marvel from the outside - fascinated by its décor. He would eventually come face-to-face with the restaurateur who would question Yang about his daily visits. During the exchange, the restaurateur offered Yang a position in his kitchen as a food prep. Intrigued, Yang graciously accepted the offer. In no time at all, Yang was exposed to a myriad of foods and flavors that would inflame his passion for cooking; he became enamored of good food and knew he had found his niche: in the culinary arts.


With a newfound zeal for cuisine, Yang would spend his leisurely time creating new dishes for his family and friends - dishes instilled with his deep appreciation for Asian cuisine and the dream of one day opening his own eatery. 


He would repeatedly tell his family and friends “I want to create the most delicious food.” 


Following high school, Yang enrolled in the prestigious Culinary Institute of America to further his dream of becoming a distinguished chef. Graduating with a degree in International Cooking, Yang began his career as a line cook at a prominent hotel in Philadelphia, where he quickly became an essential asset. Later through renowned Master Chef Joseph Poon, Yang was presented the opportunity to work for Philadelphia's most famous restaurateur, Stephen Starr. Under Starr’s tutelage, Yang continued to cultivate his skillset, constantly employing innovative and classical techniques in his expanding culinary repertoire.


Looking to capitalize on the success of his restaurant, Buddakan Philadelphia, Starr opened Buddakan New York in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan and proposed Yang be its head. After eight years of demonstrating exceptional aptitude for preparing modern Asian cuisine, Yang returned to New York City as the executive chef of Buddakan New York.


As head chef, Yang continued to exhibit exemplary expertise within his cooking.  He had developed an appreciation for the professional culinary community and would often take time to share his experience, knowledge and creativity with aspiring young chefs. He taught apprentice cooking and held classes in both his kitchen and outside in the marketplace, where he would also go shopping for ingredients, seeking out the finest in local and regional produce while simultaneously working closely with local markets to discover new flavors and products.


Now, after 10 years as executive chef at Buddakan New York, Chef Yang has taken a paramount step towards his dream and has opened his own restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.


Yang’s mission is to create and serve global Asian cuisine in his cozy space that will make his clientele feel right at home.





394 Bedford Avenue
(Off the Williamsburg Bridge)
Brooklyn, NY 11249



M-F 11:30a–10:30p
Sat-Su 11:30a–11:00p